michael kors outlet online how deep can a woman take a co

how deep can a woman take a cock

We were just with a couple and after 3 hours of fooling around, her husband got out a full 12″ red dildo to use on his wife.

30 minutes later, there were only pussy lips to be seen . she accepted the entire silicone dildo.

Her husband handed it to mine who thoroughly washed it, lubed it and got all of 8″ into me before I took over. I managed to ease 1″ more and that was it for me.

They did let us know that she had played with the dildo before coming over and that their 14″ one will not disappear yet.

She is the deepest woman we have been with and not the tallest at 5’7″.

For the most part, we have found the average woman we have played with can accept 8″ of a longer dildo early in the day before letting us know the fun is wearing thin.

After she has been playing for a few hours, the entire 9″ has been accepted.

I have accepted the entire dildo on two occasions before opting out of future events.

Tiny ladies, between the 4’8″ and 5′ heighth weighing in at around 100 lbs are less likely to enjoy 8″.

Our ‘normal’ at the present time is over 5’5″ and 140lbs.

Tallest is 5’9″ and she fits into the ‘8″ is just fine until you warm me up group’.

We have all seen videos of women seemingly taking live specimens of 10″+ with a huge smile and no problems. I personally have never met a female able to accept that kind of attention with the artificial toys, nor have I ever been offered anything that large attached to a partner.

So I guess, get your partner all heated up and let her tell you when enough is enough.

With MY wife it wasn’t so much a situation of “training” but more a matter of progression ! It became clear to me very early in our relationship that she liked prolonged sex sessions sometimes lasting literally for HOURS and that I wasn’t going to be able to keep “up” wit michael kors outlet online h her for that long ! She knew my ex wife and I had done some swinging in the past so I intially suggested having other men join us to help me pleasure her but she hasn’t been receptive to that at least not yet ! ( We’re still TALKING about it so hopefully she will BECOME receptive to trying that with me at some point ! ) Since I’m about average in size I picked up a 7 inch dildo to use on her while I “recovered” for another round but she asked me if there was any MORE after I had it fully inserted in her obviously wanting deeper penetration ! I learned her ex husband was better endowed ( around 9 or 10 inches ) so I picked up a 9 inch dildo which she easily took all the way in since she was used to being penetrated that deeply but she STILL asked me if there was any MORE after I had it fully inserted in her so I picked up a double headed 18 inch dildo to make SURE there would be more when she asked for it ! She gradually took a little more at a time ( I’d give her more whenever she asked for it ) and she really liked me taking her to her limits where she had to decide if the pleasure was greater than the discomfort or the discomfort was greater than the pleasure ! We’d play along that edge until she was ready to get off and then make sure the pleasure won out ! As I said she was gradually able to take more and more deeper and deeper and now there are times when she’s REALLY horny she can take all but the last 2 or 3 inches I use to hold on to which means she’s taking 15 or 16 inches inside her ! ( She jokingly asks me if I can see the head of it when she opens her mouth realizing just how deeply she’s being penetrated ! ) There seems to be a direct correlation between how deeply she’s penetrated and the intensity of her orgasms and we BOTH like it when she takes it really deep and gets off really hard ! We’ve just recently discovered she also likes to be spread widely apart ( when I was fingering her to get her ready for penetration and she asked me to use two fingers, then three, then four etc ! ) so we’re expermenting with THAT now ! She’d never heard of “fisting” but she really likes the idea of being spread that far apart as well as being that deeply penetrated if she could get to where I could fist her beyond my wrist and then as deeply as she could take it from there ! We still don’t consider her being in “training” but we are gradually trying to stretch her far enough ap michael kors outlet online art I can get my fist inside her so she can experience being spread that far apart as well as being that deeply penetrated !

women vary a lot and not usually related to body size at all and a lot of grls are gonna struggle with even 8 (real not ‘internet’) inches as that is well over average and considered ‘big’ and it depends if the guy has girth also beyond the norm as that adds a lot to the equation.

before my curr michael kors outlet online ent main bf, the largest I’d taken orally or internally was a measured 8.75 with a girth around 6 ish and although he was the biggest and I loved it, I took him with ease and felt I could easily accomodate someone into double figures but how rare is that to find?

My current guy ( in his 50s would u believe) has that rare kind of size michael kors outlet online at over 11 with a really wide girth over 6.5 and I am having to relearn things in the cause of not having my cervix bashed into jelly or ending up with stomach cramps for a week after a heavy session. Love the size, takes some getting used to and he tells me he ‘bottoms out’ in most girls long before getting anywhere near 10 inches of it in, usually at about 9ish at max. However he knows a black girl who can take him 100% front and back as hard as he wants and that’s something I wouldn’t mind watching one of these days. Being a size queen can be fun but wearing on the interior!

My ex girl friend/Domme, yes im a submissive, required, when i was allowed to penetrate her, for me to wear a very long cock extension. I measured it one time when she was not around, and found that this extension with me in it was 13 inches. As honest as Abe, she was able to take the whole length. She was only 5′ 3″ tall, very fit, with wide hips. Now it took her a number of sessions with me to get to engulfing the whole cock, but she was able to. She had to be lying on her back with legs straight up and i had to get very low and work it in slowly. But once inside and as long as i stayed low to the bed during my penetration, she would take the entire length slow or fast strokes. Of course i had to do as told, and never speak of my question.

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