michael kors outlet online How deep should raised vegetab

How deep should raised vegetable beds be

Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeQ: I want to plant a small fall vegetable garden. The soil my builder put on my property is terrible. It has a lot of red clay in it. If I build a raised garden, how high should it be and what type of soil should I use? Do row covers keep insects off the plants? RalphA: The raised beds should be built at least 8 inches and preferably 12 inches deep. Using 2 by 12 pressure treated boards is common when building raised beds, but you can use a wide variety of materials based on your preference and what is available. Fill the beds with a good quality topsoil or ga michael kors outlet online rden soil mix available from local soil companies. The pH should be around 6.5, salts should be low, the organic matter used should be well composted, and the mix should be sifted and free from large pieces of wood, debris or clods of clay. Using row covers sealed along the edges to exclude insects will definitely work in some situations. For vegetables that require insect pollination, however, like cucumbers, squash, beans, peas, eggplant, peppers, etc., this is not an option since it would prevent pollination. For leafy greens or root crops, however, floa michael kors outlet online ting row covers with edges sealed in the soil to keep the insects out do work.Q: I would like to know when I could transplant my roses. They are not doing well in the bed that I have them in, and I am afraid that they may die. I would like to put them in a raised bed that gets a little less sun. They get sun almost all day, and the soil where they are located must not be suitable for them. I would like to rescue them before they die completely. Also, when should they be fertilized? AmyA: If they are that close to death they may not be worth saving. Unless these roses have sentimental value, you might do well to start over with fresh, vigorous, healthy plants in your new bed. But that will be up to you. The best time michael kors outlet online to move the roses would be during the winter, from mid December through mid February. I can’t say why your roses are doing so poorly, but it is not the amount of light. Full sun is preferred by roses, and the sun is not why they are doing poorly in their current location. I would recommend you choose a new location that gets as much sun as possible, rather t michael kors outlet online han one that gets less sun. Roses are fertilized primarily in spring around March and again in August. But how often you fertilize also depends a lot on what kind of fertilizer you use.Q: Did you ever hear of a black tomato? My friend says he has grown them. What are they? Matt HenryA: Black tomato cultivars are those with fruit that have deep burgundy to dark reddish brown to black skin when ripe. The flesh also is generally darkly pigmented. A few black tomato varieties include Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Black Plum and Black Cherry. This is simply another color form, like red, pink, yellow, green (green when ripe), white and striped tomatoes. Although we tend to prefer and plant red fruited types, there are many tomato cultivars that produce fruit in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Type black tomato into your favorite search engine and you will see lots of information on the Internet about cultivars that produce dark colored fruit.

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