michael kors outlet online How Depression Complicates a M

How Depression Complicates a Move

There were boxes absolutely everywhere and mounds of clothes took up each square foot on my carpet. Wrestling with a trick roll of packing tape, I slid down the wall and crumpled into my own little pile on the floor. I was moving again and not, I might add, with a lot of grace. I was coming apart. An hour later I was still lying on my side on my bedroom floor wondering if they had 12step groups for bubble wrap popping.

I’m not on the lamb, I’m not Top Gun, and I’m not even in the witness protection program. The best I can figure is that it’s God’s hand gently pushing me along for His reasons. Despite my feisty debates, he just keeps on nudging (sometimes, I feel like He’s shoving) me along. Anyone who says “I like change Change is good” is lying. Sorry, they’re lying. Change is good in one place, and that place is in hindsight.

On paper, my moves resemble a Delta route map. I’ve lived in 8 states and count michael kors outlet online less cities and towns, and in the last 7 years, I’ve moved 6 times. If I have anything to do with it, my next move won’t be until I point my U Haul at Heaven and that’s a long time from now. I suspect, however,there are a couple more relocations waiting in the wings; particularly the one pulling me to be back near my family and into sandals a full 12 months of the year.

Needless to say, this kind of hop scotching takes its toll. Repeatedly pulling up fresh roots can wreak havoc on anybody but with a mental illness, michael kors outlet online you’re looking right down the barrel. I have compiled a few of my coping tools for anyone who is closing up the back of a moving van right now:

First and foremost, I utilize my faith to make it through the rough patches. Trite Alert: “Everything Happens for a Reason.”Get out and get involved right away. Before I even finish breaking down boxes, I try to get out of the apartment. Connections are critical, so get to your place of worship, an educational series, a 12 step meeting, the grocery store, whatever just make sure you are with people and lots of them. Each time I move, the comfort eating begins. I’ve eaten my way up the emerald coast, down the gold coast and so far, just little bit of New England. As many can attest, the excess weight only invites more depression.

I am fortunate to have a therapist who has spoken with me on the phone during my moves. This works for us. I did locate a doctor right away and connected them up so that I continued to have a treatment michael kors outlet online team at my ready.

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Last, but certainly not least, I try (emphasize the word try) to frame my life moves as an adventure a journey and a gift. If I don’t feel like it, I fake it. And during the in between times michael kors outlet online , I give myself permission to grieve for my losses and have one heck of a pity party complete with stuffed crust pizza and pistachio ice cream.

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