michael kors outlet online How Did I Knit My Jute Shoulde

How Did I Knit My Jute Shoulder Bag

I chose a lace insert pattern for my bag (Pictured below, reference: A Reader Digest Step by step Guide to Sewing and Knitting. All the drawings are taken from the same book). For hands, I decided to michael kors outlet online use garter stitch. For the flap also I finalised garter stitch.I repea michael kors outlet online ted this pattern 3 times. I placed the metal beads randomly while making yfwd, ybk. Afterwards, I continued with garter stitch (multiple rows of knit) for next 30 rows.Next, I chose plain cast off to finish.Later, I joined the edges by crocheting.Handle michael kors outlet online s: 4 stitches (13th stitch to 16th stitch at 3nd row from the edge)I used Garter stitch for the handles. 48 rows were required for desired length of each h michael kors outlet online andle (close up of handle is pictured below).Again, I used garter stitch. By decreasing the number of stitches per row, I knitted a pointed flap. I kept the yarn end for tying (Pictured the flap below). I added another yarn as tying at the body.

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