michael kors outlet online How did r music originateR

How did r music originate

Rhythm and Blues R got its start in the 1940s. By the 1950s R music was beginning to crossover onto pop radio. Big band orchestras gave way to smaller combos, which emphasized a strong bea michael kors outlet online t and prominent rhythm section.

Identifi michael kors outlet online cationThe name “Rhythm and Blues” was coined by Billboard magazine in 1949. Prior to the new name, music from black artists was charted separately under “Harlem Hit Parade,” also known as “race records” or “race music.”

PioneersEarly R michael kors outlet online artists included Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, “Big Mama” Thorton, B. B. King and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Several of the artists worked with Sam Philips and recorded music at Sun Records, the first home of Elvis Presley.

Fun FactsIn 1954 the Chords and the Crows scored the first R crossov michael kors outlet online er pop hits with their songs, respectively, “Sh Boom” and “Gee.” “Gee” was recorded in 1953, but did not enter the charts until the next year.

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