michael kors outlet online How did the lifesaver candy or

How did the lifesaver candy originate

Life Savers, the popular ring shaped hard candy sold in roll packaging, were invented in 1912 by Cleveland chocolate maker Clarenc michael kors outlet online e Crane. In 1912, Crane came up with the idea of manufacturing his round candies to compete with the European imported square mints.

OriginCrane noticed a pill manufacturing machine when he visited a pharmacy to purchase flavorings for his candy. The pill manufacturing machine turned out round, flat pills. In 1912, as Crane was inventing his new candy, the lifesaver nautical flotation device was beginning to be utilized in boats and ships. Crane tapped into this nautical invention as a marketing hook.

RightsJust one year after his invention, Crane sold the rights to the ring shaped candy to Edward Noble for $2,900. Noble renamed the candy Pep O Mint Life Savers and added a foil wrapper to preserve the candy which was sold in roll packaging.

MarketingEdward Crane began to sell the michael kors outlet online roll packaged candy at cash registers in barber shops, restaurants, salo michael kors outlet onl michael kors outlet online ine ons and other businesses. The cost per package was five cents. Crane encouraged businesses to always include a nickel in a customer’s change, regardless of the amount due. Customers would be enticed to buy the candy.

Additional FlavorsThe second flavor introduced was Wint O Green in 1918. The Five Flavor fruit pack was introduced in 1935. Today, over 40 flavors of Life Savers are sold. The parent company, Wrigley, manufactures the candies in Holland, Mich.

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