michael kors handbags How do I tie a sleeping bag to

How do I tie a sleeping bag to my backpack

I recently upgraded to a modern backpack and I’m stumped as to how to tie accessories down to it. My previous backpack had tie down points on the bottom of the pack that I could attach long straps to, which allowed me to tie down my sleeping back, tent, and a small sleeping pad.

My new pack lacks these generic tie down anchors, and instead has two (smallish) straps on the bottom. They’re perhaps large enough for my tent, but certainly not large enough for my sleeping bag.

There’s a waterproof “top lid” that can bind down, it’s not impossible to stuff the sleeping bag between the pack and the top lid and cinch it down, but this is sort of awkward and top heavy.

What’s the proper strategy here? Any tips for attaching my sleeping bag and tent to my pack?

Edit: I’m not totally opposed to putting my tent and sleeping bag in the pack, especially for short and light trips, but on a multi week outing, I may end up with the lion’s sha michael kors handbags re of the gear and food to haul, depending on the company. If there’s a clever way to have stuff outside my pack, it would be nice to have the option.

If your sleeping bag, or its compression bag, doesn’t have straps around the outside, you’ll need at michael kors handbags least four pieces of twine to strap your bag down. Two to loop around the sleeping bag, and two more to link the loops on your bag to the loops on your backpack.

Make sure the pieces intended for linking the sleeping bag to the backpack are tied down by the pieces looping the sleeping bag.

It gets trickier if you want your bag and your tent to hang off those straps. The bag and the tent will have to be either lashed together or containerized, first. But then the same idea applies.

Looking at the picture of your new pack, those ‘smallish straps’ appear to be compression straps to pull in your backpack once you’ve packed to stop the weight inside from shifting. I’d say they’re definitely not for packing external gear.

I would avoid hanging anything below my bag it alters the weight balance, and can strain your back.

After one particularly sodden hike in the north of England along time ago, I learnt that you really don’t want to carry anything that absorbs water outside of your backpack sleeping bags, especially.

All of my overnight hiking packs have had a bottom compartment, in which I stored my sleeping bag and warm change of clothes (both wrapped up in ‘rubble sacks’ for extra waterproofing). Tent canvas would be packed inside the main compartment, right at the top, for quick access tent poles were strapped to the side of the bag.

This gets into the realm of “personal preference” but I would suggest only tie those things on the outside of your pack that you don’t want at the end of the day.

Anything on the outside will tend to get chewed up by brush, be thorned by cactus, ground into rocks and dirt every time you set your pack down, get soaked when you slip on that stream crossing, and. yes. fall off.

Your sleeping bag i michael kors handbags michael kors handbags ng>s a great item to pack FIRST inside the back to provide some padding in that lower lumbar region which will be rubbing against your body.

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michael kors handbags How do I test for a stomach ul

How do I test for a stomach ulcer

A stomach ulcer, sometimes called a peptic ulcer, is a painful condition in which the lining of the stomach or the small intestine (also called the duodenum) develops sores. Symptoms of a stomach ulcer include pain after eating, as the food in your stomach irritates the sore. Some ulcers can be caused by an abundance of helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a bacteria that is found in the digestive systems of about half the people in the world. Normally, H. pylori causes no symptoms or problems. Ulcers can also be caused by the use of prescription or nonprescription NSAIDS (no michael kors handbags nsteroi michael kors handbags dal anti inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen.

DiagnosisYour physician can diagnose a stomach ulcer by talking with you about your symptoms. He or she may first recommend that you take medication to b michael kors handbags lock the production of stomach acids, similar to the medications taken to prevent or treat heartburn. If your symptoms improve, the doctor may advise you to change your diet or continue a medication.

EndoscopyIf the doctor needs to investigate your symptoms further, or your symptoms are very severe, he or she may schedule an upper endoscopy. This test looks at your stomach lining to see how much ulceration has occurred. A thin tube attached to a tiny camera is inserted in the throat down the esophagus into the stomach.

The doctor may take a sample of the stomach lining during an endoscopy to check for cancer or the presence of H. pylori.

H. PyloriYour doctor can take a blood sample to check for the presence of H. pylori in your body. While a simpler test than the endoscopy, a blood test may give a false negative if you have b michael kors handbags een taking certain medications such as antibiotics.

The doctor may choose to use a breath test to check for H. pylori. During this test, you drink a clear radioactive carbon in clear, tasteless liquid. The H. pylori, if present, will break down the radioactive carbon. The doctor will have you exhale into a special bag that will indicate the presence of the bacteria.

When the doctor has determined the cause of your ulcer, he or she will determine the best course of treatment, which may include further testing.

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michael kors handbags how do I tell my parentsFi

how do I tell my parents

First do not move far away wit this guy friend. Not sure I like that to much. Get a job as soon as possible and save almost everything you can. It takes a lot to move out and you need to know if the salary you get is enought to cover all expenses. not just rent. food transporation. money for emergencies etc. I understand where you are coming from . I am 24 and I cant move out yet. cause although I have a job I cant afford ny high rent. I will try and move out as soon as I pay off my loan and get anotehr raise at my job. Until then im stuck. For now . stay busy and away from your parents by working your butt off and saving . your young. so you have an advantage. I wish I whould have started saving money so early. Trust me do it this way. slowely but surely and when you finally move otu then you will be ready. I kn michael kors handbags ow you dont want t hear it but give yourself at least till your 21 to move out. You will get more mature and it will help you out. Research moving out and al lthat it involves. Budget all your money and start paying your parents something when you get your paycheck since thats what your going to do when you move out but it will be even more money. try to buy things on your own and dont depend on them for anything if you can help it. I know you want to leave right now but maybe its nto the right time. When I was 18 I wanted to leave so bad but I ended up not even getting accpeted into the school I wanted and I think it was for the best. My michael kors handbags mindset was diff then than it is now. Stay local so if you do move out and it doesnt work out you can move back in. what ever you do dont go far . Take care and good luck

Looks to me you are not as mature as you think you are. You see grass is greener on the other side. At this time you are setting yourself up to be more miserable than you are now. You are letting your emotions dictate your actions. You need to prepare yourself and find a job locally and work there and stay at home and start a nest egg then buy a car and then after about another year or so think about finding a place of your own. Need to take it slow. Looks to me you are hanging around the house. Need to get out and work hard and then your mother will appreciate you more and you will be proud of yourself.

Another option that will change everything in a big hurry is to talk of a military recruiter and join up and serve your country and acquiring job skills that suit the skills you already possess.

If you have any questions regarding military I can give you more info or check the yellow pages and talk to someone. There is no obligation to join but you can talk to see what you would be good at as far as what job skills are available for you in the military.

I am a retired Army guy who was 18 years old myself with no direction in life.

whatever you do, stay home as long as you can. I went to rehab when I turned 18 and when I came home my parents kicked me out because they didnt want to risk me relapsing around my sisters, so I moved in with my boyfriend. it was all fun at first but in the long run its the hardest thing I ever had to do. its not fun for more than a month tops, especially living with a guy. you dont realize how expensive it is to live untill you have to do it on your own. when you think about it your like all I need is food. nope. soap shampoo toothpaste conditioner make up the list goes on. in the end, they finally let me come home 5 months later and that weekend I found out I was 2 months pregnant. believe me what ever you say it will not happen to you, WILL. I learned that the hard way a million times over. and if you have to take a plane there, you will be really far from your parents. I was only 2 miles away and I still missed them every day.

Well lolabunny, as long as you careful and you know this guy well, then it sounds like an alright deal. Ma michael kors handbags ke sure you have a backup plan to fall into in terms of job/money and accommodation, this is very important.

If your Mom doesn like it, she doesn really have any say at all because you are an adult now. Since she is overprotecting you, she could be really worried about you too. She does love you. Recognize that, and tell her that you will keep in touch with her often, and do it. It doesn have to be every day, once a week will do. Do it for her peace of mind. I sure you love her very much too in spite of her overprotecting.

You are a young adult, still inexperienced with life, so it ok to fall back to your parents for advice or anything, even when you are older, because parents are parents and they will always love you.

If the job doesn work out, I will move back home temporarily. I am the only female, with 3 older brothers.

And my mother refuses to take me to get even a State ID. when I could just get my permit ( I keep failing, Yes I study.)

Right now all of this stress is taking a physical toll on me, I have stress cramps/knots all over my shoulders neck and back :/

I have never disobeyed my parents, I always been mature about every situation, And have never given my parents a reason to doubt me, or not trust me. So I michael kors handbags don understand why my mother wont let me move out.

You don have to work in the military etc, ok. But dlyblood first point is good advice. Start small first, find a job locally but stay with your mom. When you have saved enough money, rent somewhere. Then get a car if needed. You can save money until you can move out another area/state to get a better job. Or if you in a job with good career building prospects, you can work until you get promoted and/or get sent to another area/state to work in under the same company. You have quite a few options, really.

Well, my friend who moved to Iowa, could hook me up with a job, and I could live with him. I do act quite mature for my age. But my parents just dont see it.

And he is willing to pay for my plane ticket to get there. Yet my mom, doesn want me living with a guy at all. ugh. Its not like I going to sleep around and get knocked up.

Oh please no, my cousin already tried talking me into joining the army for skills and stuff. The job I would have there, would help me advance in Graphic designs.

And honestly. the way my parents are acting is driving me insane.

I think you should just tell them the truth. You should tell them why you want to move out and that your old enough to. If you consider yourself an adult then you have to act like one and confront your parents like one.

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